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Inform provides you with an unprecedented level of water management.
With four key elements on one platform: INFORM Monitor, INFORM Control, INFORM Outlet and INFORM Service, you can effectively manage your water system to aid compliance and, most importantly, provide safe & healthy water.

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Inform overview

The INFORM system has been designed to allow you to take complete control of your water system. INFORM's 4 key functions include water temperature monitoring (INFORM Monitor) wireless control of solenoid valves (INFORM Control) outlets that can monitor temperature (INFORM Outlet) and a service portal (INFORM Service). When installed correctly and used in conjunction with one another, you can ensure water safety for all your buildings assets. 

The INFORM system is available via a user friendly web based platform that can be accessed 24/7 on phones, tablets or PCs. The dashboard allows for fully configurable alarms, audit trails and exportable reports give you the management information you need to ensure you have a safe water system and aid compliance. If you would like to discuss a free trial please contact us.


INFORM Monitor

Ensure water safety and control with INFORM Monitor. This smart digital solution tracks and maintains assets, minimising infection risks through temperature monitoring. Stay compliant and confident in your building's safety standards with this alarm-based system, prioritising peace of mind and operational excellence.

INFORM Control

Power, Light and Water control provides solutions to the changing administration and security needs within high-security settings. Manage and control the power, light and water in individual or multiple rooms allowing for the provision of a safe and secure environment via an intuitive dashboard.


INFORM Outlet is a purpose-built solution for safety and efficiency in public spaces. With advanced water temperature monitoring tech, fulfil duty of care in public buildings effortlessly. Manage your water system through the Inform Monitor dashboard for utmost control and compliance.

INFORM Custodial

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INFORM Monitor

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