Prison and cell washrooms

Specifying the correct products for high security environments can be a challenge. KWC DVS have designed a portfolio of products to provide a complete solution from low category prisons, to holding cells and to high security facilities. The ligature resistant and high security ranges are available in GRP or stainless steel, and products have been designed to meet the necessary industry requirements and approvals.

High security solutions manufactured using GRP and stainless steel quality materials.

Designing products for high security and custodial to promote a safe environment is of paramount importance. Unlike classic sanitaryware, the KWC DVS range of high-security and ligature resistant products are virtually unbreakable.

A team led by architecture practice Matter has developed guidance to improve the design of prisons. Setting out a series of practical design principles, Well-being in Prison Design argues that the way in which prisons have been commissioned and built in the past has proved to be a barrier to rehabilitation and the welfare of the workforce.

Stainless steel combination unit

Combination units

A range of stainless-steel toilet and sink combination units designed for prison cells and other high security rooms. The unit is complete with touch-free sensors and has been designed with concealed bowl and cistern.

Safe ensuite

Safe ensuites

A range of WCs, accessories, basins and backplates manufactured from our robust GRP material. Basins are available with sensors for a touch free ligature resistant solution.

Prison showers

High security showers

The range of shower towers are available in stainless steel or powder coated and create water efficient showering for a range of secure environments. The range includes ligature resistant antimicrobial showers which include tamper proof shower heads.

Prison washroom control box

Washroom controls

Controlling the washroom is a must in certain environments, particularly in high security or mental health. Our washroom control box is capable of controlling 10 outlets and two flushvalves, allowing independent control of two rooms.

The KWC DVS high security range is designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials.


The high security Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) products from security basins, WCs, and accessories. This material is a single skin configuration which has three different weaves of glass fibre to give the product a good internal structural integrity, this is then impregnated with polyester resin to produce the strong and extremely durable composite material.

Stainless steel solutions

The high security range features heavy-duty stainless-steel showers, WCs, wash troughs, urinal pods and janitorial units. Franke have also designed a range of wave on/off flushing systems and behind the wall control systems for a full solution in all types of high security and custodial environments.

GRP and stainless steel

Prison Bathroom Projects

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