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Inform Control

INFORM Control: an exceptional leap forward in power, light, and water management solutions. It stands at the forefront of addressing the evolving administrative and security requisites within custodial and mental healthcare contexts. INFORM Control caters to diverse needs with options that include single-room and dual-room control, offering adaptability and flexibility in implementation.

This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates with the INFORM Control dashboard, creating a unified platform for efficient supervision. Staff members gain the ability to effortlessly oversee individual rooms or exercise centralised control over an entire section, all with just a few clicks. This empowerment streamlines day-to-day operations and upholds the utmost level of security.

In custodial and mental healthcare settings, where every detail matters, INFORM Control is an invaluable tool to meet and exceed the challenges of ever-changing requirements. Its sophisticated technology ensures that safety and administration remain paramount. INFORM Control is more than a mere system; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers staff and elevates the standards of care, security, and efficiency within these critical environments.


INFORM Control Features

  • A single control system provides each room with the following features:
  • Complete room water fixture control as per INFORM Control
  • 230V power sockets - limited to 500 watts
  • Up to 2 x room bunk lights
  • 1 x main room light with internal/ external switches
  • 1 x external check (blue) light switch
  • RCBO lighting and power circuit protection
  • Low-voltage light switch cables
  • Allows staff to isolate power circuits if the occupant has radio or TV outside allowable hours or noise levels
  • Reduced cabling requirement, especially if the essential and non-essential design is required
  • Ability to reduce consumption to essential power supplies during power failure and re-instate when required

The ideal solution for high-security environments

INFORM Control can manage water usage for showers, including delays, run times and recording the number of uses per day. This is ideal for high security and mental health environments as it will indicate any patterns and behaviours that may cause concern. WCs can be counted per day, along with delaying subsequent use and providing the option of full and half flushing. Basins can also be controlled similarly to WCs, measuring usage per day, delaying subsequent use and providing lockouts. Water use can be minimised by combining intelligent and practical limitations of fixture use and reliable, proven fixture selection.

Intelligent solutions

INFORM Control is pre-loaded with site-specific profiles chosen by the client. The profiles provide desired run times, lockout times & maximum daily uses for each outlet. INFORM Control has lighting and power protection to ensure that even the most determined will only cause local circuit isolation.

Reliable data source

Reporting on the INFORM platform is clear and simple to use, making risk assessment and asset management easier than ever before. Alerts provide a clear view of all assets within the building and you are able to set clear parameters depending on building needs.

Cost savings

Significant savings in cabling infrastructure can be realised using the INFORM Control system. The localised power distribution, protection, and control can eliminate the need for separate essential/non-essential power systems to each Cell.

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