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Working closely with the NHS and other private healthcare partners, we have developed an extensive range of sanitaryware and accessories that are suitable for mental healthcare environments. Our ligature resistant and high security products available in GRP and stainless steel are suitable for all applications from low risk to high security, and unlike classic sanitaryware, our range of products are virtually unbreakable.

KWC DVS innovation

Our safe ensuite products are manufactured from Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which is extremely robust and suitable for mental health and high security environments.

GRP material is a single skin configuration which has three different weaves of glass fibre to give the product a good internal structural integrity, this is then impregnated with polyester resin to produce the strong composite material with a hygienic finish.

When designing load bearing products such as WCs, GRP is an ideal choice as its high strength properties can fulfil this need. GRP also allows for less material to be used than other structural materials, providing a safe, ligature resistant and practical solution for high security and custodial environments.

Bennion centre -Welford Ward (9)
GRP wash basin

GRP Wash basins

Our ligature resistant washbasins manufactured from robust GRP material. This extensive range has been designed with all users in mind from in wall basins to wall mounted versions with integrated back plates.



The high security range of WC pans are ligature and vandal resistant, designed with a high gloss gelcoat finish. Customise the range and make the ensuite less institutionalised with changing the colour of the RIM (any RAL colour).

GRP accessories

GRP accessories

Accessories can complete any washroom or ensuite. The range includes shelves, soap dishes, mirrors, hooks and more that have all been designed with a high quality GRP composite material and with the users safety in mind.

Bath filler

GRP bath fillers

The high-security bath filling backplate design incorporates a modern aesthetic, easy to clean gel coat finish with integrated stainless steel spouts. The backplate can also limit the time in which water is allowed to flow, preventing any overflowing

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