Leisure and recreation washrooms

When designing washrooms for high usage areas such as campsites, leisure parks and other attractions, it is important to consider the types of products and how they cater to all user's needs. KWC DVS have a wide range of products that have been designed with users in mind for all types of leisure facilities.

KWC DVS range of sanitaryware for leisure and recreational facilities has been designed to suit any visitor, from sports aficionados to sand castle-building beach goers and everyone in between.

Public leisure facilties and attractions need to be equipped with the right products for a high number of users on a daily basis. Campsites, for example, will need to have hygienic products available that are able to cope with a high footfall, and be fit for purpose, catering to everyone’s needs.

Washrooms and the type of facilities are a vital part of any experience and need to be considered carefully during the specification process. The quality of any washroom or toilet facility isn’t necessarily the first thing most people look for when booking activities or holidays, but it can be the one that turns a potential 5-star review into a 3-star disappointment. KWC DVS has designed a whole range of commercial toilet solutions that are hygienic and suitable for any type of leisure environment, from campsite toilets and shower facilities to caravan park washrooms, bowling alley or adventure park toilets.


Leisure campsite
Stainless steel tap


Taps are an integral part to any washroom, in today's environment it's important to encourage hygienic hand washing. The range of taps is vast and provides many options from touch-free with hygiene functionalities to self-closing and manual options to suit any requirement.
Stainles steel shower

Shower towers

A range of stainless steel and Miranit composite shower panels suitable for any holiday park or leisure establishment washrooms. There are over 40 variants in the range, providing a solution to any type of project.

Stainless steel jumbo toilet roll holder


Accessories can complete any washroom, adding accessories not only adds finishing touches, but also encourages hand washing and hygiene. Available in three ranges (Exos, Stratos and Rodan) the accessories complement any style of washroom.



WCs and urinals are the main element of any washroom. Ensure that all students and staff are catered to with our range of quality stainless steel urinals and WCs. Available with DVS branded flush controls for a full solution.

Conserve water

The range of touch-free flush controls are ideal for conserving water in large public spaces such as theme parks, campsites and other recreational facilities. The programmable range is suitable for urinals and WCs but can also be incoporated with the range of Aquarius taps.  Timed flushing can be adjusted between 1 and 6 seconds to deliver the optimum flush, this is accurate and typically can save up to 30% on water costs in large buildings.

KWC DVS also have a range of intelligent washroom control boxes for various environments where you may require adjustable settings in different kinds of washrooms and toilets.

The Aquari-Save water control valve is also an excellent way of conserving water in the washroom and has been designed to reduce water consumption by setting a pre-determined frequency of water release, reducing the amount of water usage per day. When used in conjunction with the handheld programmer, adjustable time durations can be set, including flush times, hygiene purges and other water usage. The unit can be installed quickly and easily and, when used effectively, can conserve water in various public buildings.

Aquari-save washroom control valve

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