Thermostatic Mixing Valve 4in1 – 15/22mm

£120.72 excl. VAT

Product Code: AC17-047

A highly advanced TMV3 approved thermostatic mixing valve for use in basin, shower, bidet and high pressure bath fill applications (above 1 bar). The valve is designed to control the mixed water outlet temperature to within +/- 2°C regardless of fluctuations in the temperature and pressure of the hot and cold water supplies. The valve will also shut the mixed water outlet instantly in case of hot or cold water failure (Supply conditions must remain within limits stated). Disclaimer: All valves should be commissioned after installation Features include: – Fully approved by WRAS under the TMV3 scheme to the DO8 specification for basin, shower, bidet, and high pressure bath fill applications – Rapid thermostatic failsafe on either cold or hot supply failure protects the user from extreme temperature dangers – Unique temperature adjuster tool prevents unauthorised tampering – Provides extreme mixed water temperature stability under changing supply conditions – Available in a vast selection of connection formats, including standard 15 and 22mm compression, and 15/22mm universal compression Specifications – Factory temperature setting: 41-43°C – Temperature setting range: 38-46°C – Temperature, hot supply: 52-65°C – Temperature, cold supply: 5-20°C – Minimum hot to mix differential temperature: 10°C – Temperature stability: +/- 2°C – Working pressure, static: 16 bar max – Working pressure: 0.2-5 – Maximum pressure loss ratio: 10:1 – Flow rate, minimum: 4 lpm – Flow rate @ 1 bar pressure loss: 21 lpm