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Inform water temperature monitoring

Monitoring temperatures and appropriate water temperatures are key to water safety and will help to minimise the growth of waterborne pathogens and thus reduce the risk of infection. DVS inform is a highly intelligent digital solution that has been designed to monitor, maintain and report on all data on assets within a building. Shifting to digital operations and management can have huge benefits within a building and this easy to use system provides peace of mind that you are operating at the highest safety levels and complying with building requirements.

The Inform system utilises Narrowband IoT Low Power Wide Area Technologies (LPWA) which provides increased building penetration and ensures excellent communication in dense urban settings and extremely remote areas. Inform sensors constantly monitor the temperature of a water system, profiling and providing data to the central management system that alerts of any potential risks. The devices are easy to install onto pipework, and the software is intuitive and designed for easy water temperature monitoring.

Efficient monitoring
The platform has been designed to be user friendly yet practical, with high functionality. The various icons on the dashboard provide you with the functions you need to monitor and manage your assets effectively.
Reliable data source
Reporting on the DVS Inform platform is clear and simple to use, making risk assessment and asset management easier than ever before. Alerts provide a clear view of all assets within the building and you are able to set clear parameters depending on building needs.
Ensure compliance
Integrating the DVS inform system allows for remote monitoring of assets and reduces multiple site visits, ultimately providing a more intelligent, efficient and accurate solution. The platform offers a state of the art, practical reporting system which provides a whole range of accurate data ensuring building compliance.
DVS inform water temperature monitoring


  • Intuitive software and clear graphic displays
  • Full audit trail of all events
  • Designed for desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Accurate data and reporting
  • Documents stored in the system
  • Real time data captured every 10 seconds
  • Min, med, max data recorded every 15 mins
  • Complies to ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM 04-01
  • No requirement to access IT data networks
  • Anti-microbial system box
  • Easy installation
  • Installed complete and ready to operate*
  • Long life (5 years†) replaceable batteries
  • Option to integrate with existing systems
  • Continuous technical support service
* DVS inform and sensors provide easy installation in either new builds or refurbishment projects without the

need to disrupt existing building structures. Installation must be carried out by a trained professional.

† Battery life is dependant on frequency of signals and settings.

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Inform water temperature monitoring

Dart Valley have specialised in water controls and water safety for a number of years and have extensive industry knowledge in providing exceptional solutions in this field. Inform has been designed to not only ensure that water is safe, but to encourage efficiency, compliance, reliability and management of all building assets and provide data that is recorded with absolute precision.
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