Tap control system – 2 station kit – Wave-on sensors with 50mmø bezels

£481.60 excl. VAT

Product Code: AT07-011

The tap control system can be used to control mixed water for 1 or 2 taps, or to control both hot and cold on a single tap using 2 sensors. The control system can be used with wave-on or tactile sensors. The tap control system also features built-in purge control option to avoid stagnation. When a user waves their hand past the sensor (or pushes the tactile switch) the control system activates the solenoid valve, the valve will then run for a pre-set time before automatically closing the valve and stopping the tap. Various settings can be customised quickly and easily from within the control box if necessary. Features include: – Saves water, switches off after pre-set time – No-touch – Helps avoid cross infection – High performance & reliability – Adjustable run-time – Settings allow option to wave-off – Two station Wave-on