Multi-Spout 90⁰ – 1 year pack spouts only

£23.98 excl. VAT

Product Code: AT07-142

Multi-Spout 90⁰ – 1 Year Pack (Spouts Only)

The Multi-Spout range has been designed to meet the high standard of hand wash hygiene demanded in public buildings. This range is ideal for a wide range of environments, inlcuding healthcare, schools, food sectors and more where hand hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Moulded in Durable Coloured Anti-Microbial ABS with added Biomaster silver ion technology for long-term defence against harmful bacteria, also promoting a quarterly replacement regime. (spouts also available in white).  This helps to prevent the growth of waterborne bio-films that can very easily spread.

The spouts can be quickly and easily removed for disposal & replacement, ensuring minimal disruption.

Outlet; Unrestricted

Spout Angle; 90⁰