BioUrinal Sleeve installation kit – Biological – 1 1/2″ BSP

£15.13 excl. VAT

Product Code: UC00-008

The KWC DVS Urinal Sleeve helps to prevent the problems which contribute to urinal odours. After the initial Urinal Sleeve outlet is installed the replacement sleeves simply drop into place. The Urinal Sleeve lower body lines the waste outlet and trap just above the water level. This feature not only prevents leaking and staining from waste connections, but is also removed and discarded periodically as part of the refill, thus ensuring the lining is kept clean. The most important feature of the Urinal Sleeve is housed within its cone shaped head. This contains a cleaner deodoriser block which both reduces bio-fi lm build up, reduces the odour and scale in the outlet and helps prevent blockages. The teardrops on the side of the cone allow urine to pass onto the active ingredient, thus activating and transferring the cleaner deodoriser via the sleeve to the trap where they act on the urine preventing the foul odours. The block also contains a fragrance to provide a pleasant environment. – Biologic option – 1 ½” BSP Fitting