Overflow detection control system – Control box only (for upto 20 cubicles)

£242.67 excl. VAT

Product Code: AC07-001

The control system can monitor up to 20 cubicles and is usually remotely sited; in the cleanerÂ’s cupboard at the end of a toilet block for example. The digital display on the front of the control box makes it easy to identify which cistern is overflowing. There is also the facility to have an additional warning light panel outside the cleanerÂ’s cupboard which will flash until the problem is rectified. You can also monitor the OFD control system from a BMS system if necessary. Features include: – No more unsightly Visi-Boxes or Tundishes required in the WC cubicles – Identifies overflowing WC cisterns immediately – Warning panel will continue to flash until rectified – Will pay for itself in water saving – Easy to install and maintain