Flushmatic surface mount kit in White – Battery c/w solenoid valve

£261.40 excl. VAT

Product Code: UC01-005

The Flushmatic Urinal Control is used for multiple station urinals and can be surface mounted to wall or ceiling.

The system uses a passive infrared (PIR) detector to detect movement within the sensing area, switching the unit into a timing mode. After a pre-set time, the solenoid valve opens allowing water to flow into the cistern, activating the flushing cycle. Cistern Fill-time is set via switches on the Flushmatic board. The time delay after activating the PIR is set via dip switches.

The systems fast fill design helps eliminate scale problems associated with slow or drip fed systems.

For programming and adjustable parameters please refer to the relevant Installation & Operating Instructions available onĀ www.dartvalley.co.uk