Washroom Control System kit (when KWC DVS High Security backplates are not used)

£828.32 excl. VAT

Product Code: VR07-003

The Washroom Control System has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the modern day safe-ensuite in mental health units, prisons and police cells. Capable of managing: – KWC DVS WC Flushvalve – Shower control – Optional call-out button for manual or computer interfacing – Hot and cold tap control (ideal for controlling the KWC DVS high security backplate with in-built water spouts) – All of the above controls have the built in option of ‘Lock-Out’, to limit the number of operations in each period of adjustable run times Features: – Multi-function unit from one control – Variable functions allowing custom setups to suit individual requirements – Optional reset or lock-out feature from a key switch control – Lock-outs (selectable) – Optional call-out button – Covers a variety of uses (reduces installation and unit costs) – Purge facility This kit includes: – Control box – Anti-vandal Hot and cold sensors for when backplates are not being used – 2 x Solenoid valves for backplate – WC Flushvalve only 2” – Anti-vandal sensor for WC Flushvalve