F0440 Eco-airblast midi plus high speed hands-under dryer

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Product Code: F0440

The Eco-Airblast Midi Plus has a white aluminium casing with built in ioniser which purifies the air. The unit has a dry time of 10 – 12 seconds, and comes with a choice of ambient or warm air, which will run at 550w or 1250w respectively, and built in ioniser to purify the air flow. The easy fit junction box allows for quick installation and its compact size means it is ideal for any washroom space.

High speed hand dryer with white aluminium casing
Dry time: 10 – 12 sec
Supply voltage: 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Overall performance: 550  – 1250 W
Noise: 78 dB @ 1m
Air speed: 80m/s
Dimensions: 182 x 270 x 210mm