Battery Flushvalve Kit with 1½” Base – Programmable Sensor

£387.91 excl. VAT

Product Code: WC03-052

The KWC DVS Battery WC Flushvalve Control System has a typical battery life allowing up to 10,000 WC flush operations!

The system activates the KWC DVS Flushvalve upon operation of the DVS touch free programmable sensor, and accurately delivers the optimum flush – thanks to the easily adjustable time settings.

Typical water savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

Main features:
• Approximate 10,000 operation battery life (6 x C-Cells)
• Hygienic touch free operation
• Fully automatic flushing available
• Adjustable flush type (single or dual)
• Adjustable flush time settings
• 24hr purge facility ON/OFF
• Adjustable purge run times
• Lock-out function ON/OFF
• Easy installation and setup
• Typical 30% water savings
• WRAS approved
• 2” Base
• Optional hand held programmer for adjusting settings