Medi-Shower Key – Red

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Product Code: SH07-077

Medi-Shower™ is a patented new anti-microbial and water-saving shower head and hose from multi-award-winning manufacturer Multishower GB Ltd. Easy to maintain, hygienic and efficient, the Medi-Shower™ is ideally suited to the demands of the healthcare sector where containing the spread of infection and meeting budgetary requirements are key priorities. Most healthcare facilities in the UK currently use domestic showerheads that rely upon traditional spray plate technology. However, these components create the conditions for problematic limescale deposits and bacterial growth. Medi-Shower™ overcomes these problems by: – 1 Removing the spray plate to dramatically reduce the surface contact area.* – 2 Providing a new and patented delivery system – Medi-Flush – a small, replaceable insert that prevents the build-up of limescale and limits the spread of harmful bacteria. – Medi-Shower™ components contain Biomaster™, a silver ion additive with proven anti-bacterial properties. Medi-Shower™ is100% designed and manufactured in the UK. The Medi-Flush system is engineered to prevent bio-film build-up. As a result bio-film simply passes through the shower head as part of a regular flushing regime. Medi-Shower™ Benefits: – Anti-bacterial – Medi-Flush replaceable insert – Low maintenance costs – Reduced risk of infection – Saves water and energy – Easy to clean/retrofit – 5 year product warranty – 5 year guarantee against limescale clogging Medi-Shower™ Key only – Red